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Web development

Flexible, modern UI/UX for building custom web systems that can be efficiently scaled to a large number of users

Mobile application development

Developing IOS, Android native applications with an outstanding user experience and business processes in mind

IT project specification

Precise, transparent documentation for a project/idea, so that all business needs are clear to the parties and delivery on time is guaranteed

IT Outsourcing

Do you just lack certain competences in your company or would you like to integrate a team into your existing processes? We offer both short and long-term solutions.

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About Us

CodeYard is an agile and progressive software development company that has been in the market since 2013. Our main activities are application development and web development. 

Our office beats in the heart of Debrecen and provides custom software solutions for startups and enterprises.

Our vision is to help scale and provide quality digitalisation to companies whose activities/products/services have an impact on improving the quality of human life/culture/social life/health.

Transparent communication is part of our company culture, so we putgreat emphasis on identifying business needs and specification.


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that your company has a product/service that impacts people, improves their quality of life, just ran into an IT problem?Let's talk about it and see if we can help!

Our clients said about us

"One of the most reliable teams I have ever worked with, whether project based or continuous delivery! Beautiful interfaces, polished and animated mobile clients. Great team, highly recommend!"

Szabolcsi András


"The CodeYard team is a dedicated, innovative and reliable partner that has been helping Xeropan to continuously grow and strengthen its market position with tailored technology solutions for years."

Attila AlGharawi


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